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Derrymore East, Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland


July 7, 2019

What great fun we had on our Saturday Photoshoot day !

How did we pull it off ?

No 1... ... Getting the right Photographer.  

Last Year i had already enlisted an emerging local photographer to do a studio shoot Margaret Kennedy  It worked two ways, She got to practic...

January 28, 2019


I had a set of goals to achieve in 2018, and i achieved them all.  The cherry on the cake was the last goal - that of being at SHOWCASE in Dublin January 2oth to 23rd, 2019


I designed a unique range of soft felted collars and silk scarves.   These are particula...

June 27, 2018

Since beginning to felt,  I have learnt an enormous amount about WOOL  !!!

It seems that I always just assumed a machine spun the wool into lovely colourful balls, which you then bought, and knitted or crochet etc.  

But this learning process has really made me more...

March 14, 2017

I´ve never blogged before, but this past weekend in #Edinburgh got me thinking that I had to share some of my world through the eyes of a Felt artist. 

I happened to offer a very good friend and Felt Artist (and very talented at that!)  Aileen Clarke, some help wit...

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