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A Yarn about the other side of wool !

I´ve never blogged before, but this past weekend in #Edinburgh got me thinking that I had to share some of my world through the eyes of a Felt artist.

I happened to offer a very good friend and Felt Artist (and very talented at that!) Aileen Clarke , some help with her stall at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

I had no idea what lay before me, and sitting here, I really am in wonder at the whole world of wool that enveloped my senses....

Edinburgh Yarn festival is THE PLACE to get all your farm sheared, Dyed and spun REAL WOOL. Its not the super-wash stuff that comes with nylon and polyester on the label. This is the ORGANIC, RAW wool that attracts Ravelry knitting fanatics from all over the world.

I mean the SERIOUS type !

We met people from the US, Canada, Finland, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, and Ireland too.

The atmosphere was really strange ! If you say the three words "en-mass women shopping" I personally would shudder at the thought!

BUT these women were on Happy Calm Pills !!! They were all smiling, and chatting, and KNITTING on the walk. They had their new wool in the handbag, and were already starting the scarf, shawl, jumper, socks or gloves that they had pre-planned before attending. They just couldn't wait until they got home. I even met one lady who was spinning her new top of wool with a drop spindle, as she was walking! And then there were the women on the ´knitting retreats´ who were floating on air with happiness. Summed up, there were no airs and graces. Just Knitters, women who are the core of community and family. They´re kind, thoughtful and extremely NICE.

You could no way get annoyed that you missed that last skien of the colour you've always dreamed about and money became insignificant as you started to desire the colours and fibres. It was a wool lovers PARADISE, though I would imagine a few panicking husbands and partners when they saw the wool haul coming home. Or maybe some would view it as a blessing and enjoy a quiet life. I think my own husband fits into the latter category.....

I got hooked, and thanks to Edinburgh Yarn Festival, learnt a lot more about WOOL. In any form, be it knitted, crochet or felted, we owe our support to the sheep and alpaca farmers that have preserved a womans (and a growing number of men too! ) heritage to make and create and provide beautiful things for our family and friends.

No wonder everyone was happy. Wool sourcing is the beginning of a giving process that brings contentment to many. What better de-stress therapy could you ask for ?

Finally, I can´t wait to get started with working with my new fibres and ideas. I have some lovely one off dyed roving that will make some very unique pieces.

I will add to the blog when they´re done.

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