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Summer 2019 Photoshoot

What great fun we had on our Saturday Photoshoot day !

How did we pull it off ?

No 1... ... Getting the right Photographer.

Last Year i had already enlisted an emerging local photographer to do a studio shoot Margaret Kennedy It worked two ways, She got to practice studio shooting, and i got some beautiful studio shots of me at work in return. I was impresssed with the way Margaret spent time understanding the brief, so when deciding on a photo shoot, i had no hesitancy to contact Margaret again.

No 2 ... The models

Having given a lot of consideration to how i wanted my work to be presented, and on what kind of model, I gave consideration to choosing faces to represent my brand. I needed fresh and young Irish faces to model my shawls and silk scarves, and more mature 40·ish ladies to model my range of Collars.

I found both of these in my friend and her her two daughters, who on being approached with the idea, were very willing to step in for a days work. The lure of hair and make-up being done (professionally) and a professional photo-shoot that they would always treasure for their own collection, sealed the deal. Special thank you shout out to Susan and her daughters Megan and Kiera !

No 3 ... The location

Originally I had FOUR locations planned out, but had to cut down to TWO for practicality and reasonableness !

So i decided on a wild mountain bog above Tralee for my shawl collection, and the ruins of Ardfert Abbey with amazing stone walls and beautiful window features for the Collar collection.

The results were beautiful !!!

But the weather on the day gave us a challenges in different forms. On the Mountain, it was windy and chilly. Plus the ground had become extremely boggy compared to the previous week, so the two girls had to model mostly in their wellies. This actually turned out to make for some incredible shots!

At the abbey, we again experienced a cutting wind that seemed to come through every nook and cranny, making it quite difficult to keep our eyes open and clear from watery eye. But Margaret rose to the challenge and captured incredible shots against the stonewall formations.

And so the day pulled off beautifully. The images are stunning, and the girls and myself had a very enjoyable day. Looking forward to releasing the photos over the next few months on Instagram and facebook.

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