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Original Kerry Exhibition

In the summer of 2019, I had the pleasure of exhibiting for the first time at Original Kerry in Dingle.

My aim was to tell the story behind the designs and the inspiration of the colours.

I created a piece for exhibition that used the main colours of my lines but that told the story of the irish landscape.

My daughter helped me compose the poem that described my viewpoint of the irish landscape in colour.

It went down a treat, and many beautiful remarks.

The piece i created was a upon a cobweb felt which represented the bedrock of ireland (grey), and brought in from the top the mountain colours, down to the field colours and on into the sea colours.

From sheltered lakes of saphire blues,

To peaceful fields of emerald hues

Aged, rough edged stone in weathered walls

Upon which ivy cascades and falls

Heather clustered on mountain sides

Silver shards of shell brought by the tide

Flowers form colourful carpets,

Fuchsias, lillies, daisies and violets

All influenced from rock to tree

By the vast, lively, Atlantic sea

Your beauties o Ireland inspire me

- by Jasmine Gillan

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