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Showcase Ireland 2019

I had a set of goals to achieve in 2018, and i achieved them all. The cherry on the cake was the last goal - that of being at SHOWCASE in Dublin January 2oth to 23rd, 2019

I designed a unique range of soft felted collars and silk scarves. These are particularly suited to the wholesale trade, as I have developed methods of production that are time efficient.

There was a lot of work and preparation, but I had great success. I have a number of new stockists around Ireland, and look forward to developing new working relationships with them in the future.

My Tips for doing showcase (with a bit of humour!)

1. Wear comfortable Shoes and have your toe nails polished if wearing


2. Have a glare free Logo sign. (ooops)

3. Dress the part and display wearable products on yourself.

4. A bowl of sweets went down a treat.

5. Don´t crowd your stand... best stay out so people can fit in and have a

better look at your product.

6. Smile all the time

Looking forward to Showcase 2020 !

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