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Can I wash Wool Felt items ?

When we buy something, one of the first things we ask is : Can I wash it ?

Hand washing instills a bit of dread because of time restraints. Dry Cleaning will put us off because of its associated cost. Hence the reason we prefer to throw something in the washing machine without too much thought.

Generally with 100% untreated wool items like your Aran jumper or felted scarf ( not super-wash woollen ) , the answer is HAND-WASH. Why ?

Because untreated wool will felt with soap, heat and agitation, which is exactly what a washing machine will do.

However : Washing machines these days are now being designed with this in mind, and many will now have the program : COLD WOOL WASH

I have experimented with this and found that it actually works. Things did not shrink. You cannot and must NEVER Tumble dry those items.

With Felted items, you can hang dry, and HOT STEAM IRON.

Knitted Woollen jumpers etc, are recommended to be dried flat to retain their shape.

DID YOU KNOW ? - a Woollen Aran Jumper or felted scarf will require LESS Washing than those made with man-made fibres !!!

This is because wool has antibacterial properties as the fibres are so close together that they do not allow bacteria to grow. . It also allows your skin to breathe naturally, so no sweating. The less you sweat the less you smell !!

Any questions pop them in the comments and I will answer as best as I can.

Check out our 100% Wool items made by Jayne Gillan, and sourced locally in Ireland.


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