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Something for Him - Handmade in Ireland

I love Wool. I love its naturalness. I love it's Eco-Friendly properties. I love how its warm and insulating, yet lets your skin breathe and not sweat.

As an Artist and Designer, most of my efforts have been to make beautiful scarves etc for the ladies.

So I challenged myself to making something for the men. A scarf, but not a scarf.

My design problem lay with the idea of a scarf. For men they're always long and bulky. Some Men wear them really badly where they hang out down below their jacket. Or bulked up under their coat. The only way I could challenge this bad design concept, was to create a men's Collar.

Simple, traditional, soft, and Felted wool.

So the Men's Collar came to be. I used blended Merino Wool with Mulberry Silks to create a simple collar to chest length, and chose a traditional wooden Toggle Button to give it an Irish look

These are available Wholesale also.

I created 4 Colours - Grey blend, Green blend, Teal blend and Maroon blend.

Do you like the peak cap that goes with the Teal blend Collar ?

I managed to source Authentic Tweed Caps, made in a local woollen mill that processes its own wool into tweeds. 100% Irish made caps. The original #peakyblinder cap.

I've also sourced 100% Lambswool Aran beanie hats Made in Ireland, for Him or Her. And Check out 100% Wool Socks also from the same Woollen Mill.


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